FunguyPro Water Alarm 7.5 User Manual

Your Device ID: 123456
  • LED Colors
  • Blue - WiFi configuration portal on.
  • Green Flashing- WiFi Connected, Standby Mode
  • Red - Sending Alert
  • Red and Green Flashing - Sent Alert
  • Red Flashing- WiFi connection lost (reconnecting)
  • Purple Flashing - Communicating with Server
  • Purple - Updating, don't remove power
  • Maintenance
  • Every month you should test the device, to ensure connectivity and sensor accuracy.
  • Check on the sensor tip once in a while. If there is anything on it, wipe it off.
  • Other Information
  • Changing Device Settings - Hold the button for 5 seconds the light should now be blue and the configuration portal is on.
  • Easy Reboot - Hold the button until the light turns blue, then release.
  • Warranty - Visit for warranty information.
  • Server Policy - FunguyPro doesn't charge for server usage and plans never to, however FunguyPro does hold the right to charge for server usage. FunguyPro also holds the right to stop hosting the web server at anytime which may cause device functionality changes. If you have other questions you can contact us at
Visit and select the tutorials tab for more instructions and videos.